Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Color Studies

Charcoal dominates downstairs in the studio while up here at the computer I layer blocks of color, watching how they interact with each other. And how color can move forward and backwards on the surface. I have never paid to much attention to this and I like seeing how it can change everything. These are very structured studies [I've been thinking a lot about the Josef Albers catalogue, Painting on Paper], and it's so lovely to be surrounded in color again.

Blue forward

Blue backward 2, 

Same blue in #2 and I enjoy how different it feels, solid yet somehow mysterious. It certainly has more presence. #1 feels expansive, a breath, the exhale; while #2 feels contained, the in breath. 


  1. Liz, these do read very differently. It is a good example of what can shift with an image. Both feel restful and inviting to my eye.

    1. Thanks Deborah, there is sooooo much to learn, I am exploring how simple blocks of color can move forwards and backwards relative to the surface but keep falling into the color and swimming about in it.


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