Saturday, April 13, 2013

Colors of Longing

As the snow, sleet and rain fall, spring has become a dreamscape to me. Something hinted at, caught out of the corner of my eye, a vague remembrance, and I am longing for it to become real. Real in the way of smell, touch and feel. Real in the way color suggests or nudges feeling. Working on some folded paper ideas, loving how the light plays on white paper, but still longing for softness, that hint of growth, of new, of freshness, I decided to get rid of the cool, impartial white and see what happens.

Square opening, 20 x 20in, paper


  1. I love these colours Liz - so fresh, and bursting out of the screen!

    1. Thanks Fiona, the sun is SHINING and it's suppose to get warmer, I think spring is coming!


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