Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Playing With Light

I can't resist. The out door lights are up and it's dark so early that I might as well have some fun and play with the camera and the lights. Not sure the camera likes what I want it to do, but so far I'm winning that battle. Who ever gets to control the on / off button wins this one.

Square Lights 1

Square Lights 8

Square Lights 5


  1. I have been loving your work of late Liz. Black and white - my most, most favourite. These gorgeous light photographs really take my fancy.

  2. Thanks so much Susan, I love Black and white too, getting my courage up to wash and wax the black and white tile floor....what was I thinking off...oh yes I love Black and white!

  3. This made mi think about something... thanks, you inspire me!


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