Friday, December 14, 2012

More Oops

I seem to be taking a lot of out of focus photos these days, and while most go directly into the garbage, there are a few that whisper in my ear or nudge me. In the Black Notebook series, I have been trying to incorporate a circle; unsuccessfully. Except for the double exposure / out of focus shot which has the sensibility I was looking for. Not sure where the blue came from as all the lines are white, maybe it was thinking of Martin's work. [Link here]

an oops photo that better than the original work


  1. I am liking the darkness in these latest works/posts - they seem right for your time of year...

    1. Thanks Fiona, I'll be glad when the 21 Dec. happens and we start moving into the light again, for you just the opposite. Some days i can't get my mind around that! Didn't realize how dark the work had gotten but we put up Christmas trees today to brighten ourselves up.

  2. This oops photo looks like a real keeper! Amon holidays and only looking on my iPad. Will look again next week but it looks almost like a Rothko painting to me. Love it Liz.


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