Friday, August 31, 2012

The Latest Love Affair

Coffee cups.... I now rummage through garbage pails looking for coffee cups. I ask J. to do the same. I find myself drawing circles in the studio, hunting down charcoal and my favourite pencils, powdered graphite. I love the circles at the bottom of the cups, Then I notice the ellipse made by the light and shadow. The seam line offsets the curves of the circle. Such simple things to explore and how utterly satisfying.

I hope the drawings are going in this direction, but I fear they are going to be very dark
Photos of the cups, or as they say source material.


  1. Totally mesmerising Liz - such beautiful images. I hope the drawings continue...

  2. Thanks Fiona, the circles continue, not quite as I envisioned but I follow. It's amazing how many coffee cups are thrown away.


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