Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reclaiming the Garden

Life is turning to a new normal after almost a month away. J's new hip is healing well, he is back in the studio reclaiming the work he left and I am working hard in the garden, realizing there has to be some changes made. Trying to keep up with everything didn't work out. There simply isn't enough time or energy. And nature never takes a holiday. So I walk about trying to see with my minds eye what is superfluous, where I can cut back, how to make this place I love so much become less maintenance intensive. The gardens around the pond were a jungle so it was extremely therapeutic to get out the big whipper sniper and go for it.

this morning at the pond

path over the dam and through the sumacs

sumac fruit

Asters blooming at the waters edge

Looking through the gate to the woods, back to where we sit. Piles of clippings to clean up!


  1. overgrown beauty=much beauty...
    best wishes on your J's healing and in everything you tackle;
    this nature you are surrounded with, it's the best elixir!

    1. Thanks so much Anna for your lovely words and J. thanks you for your best wishes. [he grabbed back the car keys today !] I keep forgetting about the beauty in the overgrown, all I usually see is the loss of shape, of form of texture, but I love re-claiming bits, letting them shine again. And I love working outside in the late summer knowing the time is coming when I will go back to the studio.


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