Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Purging the Studio

In my determination to clean up the studio and free up working space and storage space, I tackled a pile of drawings that needed to be culled. So I started ripping and tearing with the intent of putting the pieces in the garbage; but then I noticed the torn edges of the paper and started to play. One step forward, 2 steps back for the studio clean up.

Torn 1, charcoal on paper, 2017

Torn 2, charcoal on paper, 2017

Torn 3, charcoal on paper, 2017


  1. I adore these Liz. Am having a lovely wander through your blog which I haven’t been doing for ages. As always, love your work and your photographs.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks so much for dropping by and for the kind words, I've been absent for a while now, time to get back. Hope things are well with you!

    2. They are thanks Liz. I have been absent too for a couple of years but it feels so good to be back. Didn’t realise you had been absent too so I glad for us both.


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