Thursday, May 1, 2014

That Blue

Every spring I eagerly await what I call "that blue",  the scillas.  Their intense colour is a wonder and one that I have never felt I captured with the camera. So I tried scanning them and against the black background they are almost iridescent. More how they feel in the garden, especially in the rain. They are so tiny [probably 3 in. high] that every year I look forward to see how they are spreading. I have dreams of swaths of them, blanketing the woodland gardens. [link here] And the 1st daff bloomed, complete with a leaf from last fall pierced through. That for me is another garden wonder, how those tiny, frail shoots of green can rise through the blanket of leaves and become.

lovely scillas, 2014
the 1st daff, about to raise its' head,  2014


  1. oh gosh - I have an absolute thing about 'that' blue! Just beautiful.

    1. Thanks Susan, I just love it too….as you can tell!


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