Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Surrender

Well I've been putting it off but yesterday I started to hard prune. I had hoped that if I was patient enough life would creep back into the bare limbs of so many of the shrubs in the garden, the roses, berberis, burning bush and rhododendron. So many of these were big structural plants so needed to anchor the space. In a few days the garden will have a very different feel as I enter another waiting phase; will they recover, what will the space look like, what other changes will be demanded. Today though, I am mourning; that was a hard winter for the garden.

water drops on a hosta, 2014


  1. Gorgeous photo. So sorry about the garden. I do not have a green thumb, but so admire those who create artful work from flowers and plants. I hope the majority survive.

    1. Thanks RH, it seems about every 10 years or so we have a hard winter for the garden, just so one knows who is in charge and it isn't Liz. A good reminder not to rely on structure, and that structure changes.


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