Friday, May 30, 2014


So I am pruning away all that dead wood, and trying to be as careful as possible, but I tend to plant heavily and love how the boundaries of plants get blurred, when I realized I had just knocked off the head of an allium, just opening to flower. Oops. I took it inside and put it on the scanner, and it wasn't until I came to work on the scan and wondered how the scanner bed had gotten so dirty, that I realized that the stamens were covered with pollen. Some time later the pollen was removed and I was amazed at the color variations in the petals. Quite wondrous.

allium, 2014

the gorgeous colour variations of the alum, 2014


  1. What will you think of next? I thank the stars for your imagination Liz because there seems to be no end to the glorious images you create!

    1. Thanks so much Barbera, that is a lovely thing to say. [as you can tell, I like to play!]


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