Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I Saw At The Fair

Disclaimer...I'm not a great socializer, cocktail partygoer, ECT. In fact I tend to avoid these situations; to many people, to much art, to much theatre, it all becomes overwhelming and I tend to zone out. So after checking out friends work and chatting a bit, and discovering some lovely work by Tammi Campbell [link here], this is what I saw as I stared at the floor. I loved that floor!

Floor at the Toronto Art Fair

Floor at the Toronto Art Fair

Floor at the Toronto Art Fair


  1. I'm sitting here grinning from ear to ear over this post. Aren't the marks on the ground so very interesting? Love these shots!!!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer, some of the galleries were not to impressed that I was taking photos of the floor and not what was on their walls!


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