Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

I have been trying to think of words that describe our fall light and how it makes me feel; this golden, glowing, caressing almost a blessing kind of light. How it fills me with such exuberance as when I was a child, making piles of leaves and jumping in, kicking leaves, toasting hotdogs over burning piles of leaves; that sense of joy. I was reading this poem of Mary Oliver’s' last week; she says it best.

"If I Were" by Mary Oliver

There are lots of ways to dance and
to spin, sometimes it just starts my
feet first then my entire body, I am
spinning no one can see it but it is
happening. I am so glad to be alive,
I am so glad to be loving and loved.
Even if I were close to the finish,
even if I were at my final breath, I
would be here to take a stand, bereft
of such astonishments, but for them.

If I were a Sufi for sure I would be
one of the spinning kind. 
From A Thousand Mornings, Mary Oliver’s new collection. All rights reserved.
Happy Thanksgiving 
On our drive yesterday, just outside Montgomery Falls, Vermont

Again,  just outside Montgomery Falls, Vermont


  1. So beautiful -- your thoughts, the poem, your photos. I adore autumn!

    1. Thanks Connie, me too, this lovely last shout before entering the monastery of winter.

  2. Glorious fall photos and a wonderful poem.
    We will visit Vermont one day in the fall. We came years ago in the late summer when just a few of the maples were hinting at the glory to come.
    To the leaves and the golden light, I would add the bounty of fall. Searching for conkers with my small grandchildren the other day - their joy and their dancing and excitement were bliss....

    1. Thanks Charlton, I hope you do get the chance to see the fall here, and while it has passed it's peak where I am, there are all these micro climates around, so that yesterday when I needed to drive to a small town 20 minutes away, their trees were in all their glory.


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