Tuesday, September 10, 2013

As Above, So Below

We have just had the most marvelous 4 days driving up the south shore of the St Laurence River. What I had hoped to see around the North Shore of Lake Superior was right here. We followed the coastal highway north of Quebec City to the tip of Gaspé, from the gently rolling farmland through progressively rockier land until one gets to the drama of the Gaspé where the road hugs the shoreline and roller coasters up and down the mountains. From Trois-Rivières upward the river is tidal which meant the coast was breathing water in and out and the air had a soft brine scent. I watched the river and sky as the tide rolled in and then out, in clouds and fog, mist and sunshine; a constantly changing viewpoint, that place where things meet and separate, and come together again.

the moody St Laurence

the patterns of the sand reflected those of the clouds

as above, so below

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