Monday, September 23, 2013


    After a few days of beach walking I started to notice the seaweed on the shore between the high and low tide marks. There were wonderful variations in form, color and texture and I took it for granted that seaweeds were plants  [they looked like cuttings from the garden] only to learn that seaweeds are not plants, they are algae, because they lack the many distinct cell and organ types found in land plants. Whatever they are called, they are beautiful; the dark ones reminded me of William Morris designs.
a flowering bouquet drapes a stone
Fingers reaching out to touch
Feathery tendrils
looking like pine needles
And my favourite
which reminded me of "Acanthus", a wall paper pattern designed by William Morris, about 1875


  1. Those finger reaching out to touch - or birds' feet in the sand - quite eerie and in that khaki limey green that's such a favourite of mine - lovely.

    1. The colors are amazing, and like you, love that limy green!

  2. Oh yes -- the last two photos, awesome correlation. I adore kelpy colors.

    1. That was a lovely gift that correlation, I have always loved Morris' work.


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