Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shades of Gray

Lately a lot of my photos have been in black and white as I try to figure out this value or tone stuff again. In all my years at art college I managed never to do a color course as I thought everything I made [I was in sculpture] should be white, as then it would absorb and reflect all the colors around it. And I got away with that stance [you can tell what era I'm from] but have had a lot to learn over the years. Now I am stumbling and bumbling to relearn what seemed to be instinctive knowledge when I was young. Having worked in color for so many years it is humbling to work in black and white. So I figure start simple. And if anyone has any suggestions for books to read on this subject I would really welcome suggestions. [Please god, not the Itten]


Portrait, experimenting with tone

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