Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Ever since I was a child I have loved Sumacs. As kids, my best friends, the twins and I used to make forts and houses under the grove of sumac in their back yard. What I loved most was how velvety the stems and stocks were. [Their name Staghorn (R. typhina) refers to the antlers of a deer.] Well wandering around the pond, I bumped into the fruit. Now I am ashamed to say I never knew sumac made fruit. Really can't believe I never noticed them before. Guess I needed a bonk on the head, because once seen, never forgotten. The shapes are so phallic, this fruit holding all the seed. I always thought the seed heads were the reddish maroon candles on the upper branches that the birds love. I have been doing some research but have not found any reference to this fruit. Does anyone know about this?
Sumac Fruit

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