Monday, September 5, 2011

Brome Fair

Today is the last day of the fair and then it's all over for another year. It's a ritual in this part of the Townships. Labour Day Week-end = Brome Fair = Derby Burgers. All those years we were vegetarian and asked for burgers; "hold the meat, lot and lots of fried onions please". We got a lot of teasing but kept the ritual going.  John will probably spend part of Tuesday and Wednesday taking his zillionith photo of the empty buildings and grounds that are Brome Fair after the fair.  Brome Fair holds a special place in John's heart. It's probably the most powerful place in his universe, and every year he paints another Brome Fair painting. One year at an exhibition [after the painting was sold TG] a viewer remarked on how Agricultural was spelled. Apparently it was wrong. Mind you I had to run the word through spell check....I had it wrong too. He did one called Poultry, which of course we all called "a paltry painting" and this year it is 1st and 2nd Prize, of the award winning pumpkins [link here]. Thanks JB for letting me play with your images.
Bits of some of the "Brome Fair Paintings" , John Ballantyne [Link to John's web site]


  1. I really loved this series of part images of John's work - just gorgeous and so evocative!

  2. Hi Fiona, I will pass along you compliments to John, I love putting bits of his paintings together, to bad we still have not scanned the slides of his older work. One of these day......


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