Saturday, November 22, 2014

Across The Road

November is not my favourite month. I don't like the short days and the usually dreary weather, the loss of freedom of just walking outside without boots and heavy coat, but what I do love is its sudden bursts of drama. Finally the sun will come out and the studio lights up. The other day the light became an eerie dusty blue, almost electric, the trees shone. It was a fine show. And talking of shows, our friends Simone Schmidt, aka FIVER and Jeff Bierk are down from Toronto to give the 1st concert at Galerie Art Plus. What better way to spend an evening than listening to Simone and watching Jeff's projections. Hope to see you there. Info is on the bottom photo.

Across the road, 2014

November drama, 2014

Fiver, tonight at Galerie Art Plus, 2014

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