Friday, October 24, 2014

Fuelled By Flu

Wednesday was not a good day. It started out well in the studio when I found a long sheet of paper, tacked it to the wall and had fun with that 8in. brush, then time to try another idea in a smaller format, then I watched the news and felt sick. Then I realized I was sick. In and out of sleep, shivering and glued to the TV and twitter feeds, a pile of blankets on me. Well done CBC, that was superb coverage of another mentally ill person wreaking havoc. I wish our government would spend more money on mental health and the CBC.

oct. 22,  50 in x 72 in, ink on paper, 2014

wavy 2, 30 x 22 in, mixed media, 2014 

Sorry about the quality of the photo. it's still raining and I never seem to get good studio photos with artificial light.


  1. Hope you are soon well again. It didn't stop you making BEAUTIFUL marks

    1. Thanks so much Jo, all better now and always a good time to get caught up on my reading!


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