Friday, October 31, 2014

The Studio At Night

It gets dark earlier and earlier and while I mourn the loss of daylight hours I am reminded of how much I love this cocoon stage. The house and studio becomes my bigger body, the windows eyes to see through. I took these shots at 6.15 last night and as I looked back to the studio and peeked in the windows I fell in love, again, and began to look forward to working in the dark.

Zoe and I outside my studio, 2014
A peek through to my studio, 2014
From another window into the studio, 2014


  1. I too enjoy how the changing seasons allow us to live in a different way for a while. I love your description of approaching winter as a cocoon stage. Brilliant.

    1. Thanks so much Olga, I am always resistant to the coming winter, but I do love change!

  2. So cozy...add some red wine and good music and the darkness doesn't seem so bad at all.


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