Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Views Through The Old And New

JB and I and of course Zoe live in an old (1862) farmhouse that we bought 35 years ago. It's been a good house for us and we love it. The brick was made down the road and the glass for the windows was also made down the road and has lovely ripples and bubbles.  It had a summer kitchen attached to the back of the house, then a buggy barn attached to that and a cow barn attached to that. The summer kitchen became our kitchen and the barns became out studios. About 15 years ago we decided to rebuild our studios and they became a berm, with windows. The other morning when I got up there had been more snow and it was beautiful. I was struck again by the fact that the house is another layer of skin, the windows eyes to see out. The old windows have their mullion bars while the new are tall and thin and frame the tree trunks.


  1. more snowy pics please of your beautiful garden

  2. Hello Liz spent sometime on your website looking through your work
    simple stunning work
    Have a great christmas new year
    regards david

  3. Alice, snowy garden oics coming as per request, how about some of yours in exchange please....


    David, thanks so much for visiting my site and the very kind words, and all the very best for the holidays and New Year.

  4. Alice....that should be pics, but oics is sorta cute


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