Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Green World

It's lush out there; it's beginning to look like a rain forest or the Sutton Junction version of one. I know gardeners are always complaining about to much rain, not enough rain, too much sun, to dry, too whatever but I can't believe all the shades of green I'm seeing.  It’s heavenly… and the herbaceous peonies are about to open.

The upper part of the studio garden, 2015

The ferns are having a banner year, 2015

And the peonies are about to open, 2015

Dandelion seed caught in a tiny spruce, 2015


  1. Your garden is a paradise. It must give you such pleasure to sit in amazement at such beauty that surrounds you. My garden paradise is much smaller but I love to sit and take in the colour and fragrance with the gentle sound of the fountain in the background.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I'm still not so good at sitting [unless with a beer in the evening] but I just love this garden. I think we all love our gardens, except for the times when we rue their size. Love thinking of you in yours.


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