Monday, December 1, 2014


The past week has been tough; I'm lost in the studio. What seemed clear isn't. I try this, then that. I rip things up, reassemble them and rip them up again. I back off and wait, and look, and wait. I get anxious and put more marks down, but that doesn't seem to work either as it feels like I can't hear or sense where I need to go. Then I go upstairs and read "Lila" by Marilyn Robinson, which I loved, followed by a rereading "Gilead", and tomorrow onto rereading "Homecoming".  I hope that's a sign in that title.

ripped, glued, poured, drawn,  2014

split, poured and ink, 2014


  1. Ripped, glued has a nice fluidity to it, Don

    1. Thanks Don, I'm experimenting with this one more this morning. Who knows what lies ahead.

  2. Ripped, glued is extraordinarily striking ... I'm fascinated by the tension between the two images. I also love the photos below - the reflections distorted by the melting ice ...


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