Friday, September 26, 2014

More Dominos

I wondered if I could combine the stroke of my beautiful brush [link here] with Tamar's work [link here] and soon realized there was a problem with the texture of the paper. Tamar had used cold press and for some reason [my concentration being that of a nit right now] these trials were all on hot press, which gave a very clean stoke but sharper colour.  So I went back to the cold press to see what would happen; the broad stroke broke up on the textured paper but the oil pastel lines I liked, so I gessoed and sanded 1/2 the paper, and repeated the whole thing to see which I preferred. The jury is still out.

1st half  NO gesso, 2nd half gesso, 2014

Tamar Zinn, my half is on Hot press, 2014

Tamar Zinn and another variation, my half is on Hot press, 2014

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