Saturday, May 11, 2013


The garden smells of apple blossom. All of the apple tress have decided to bloom at once this year and where there is usually a stately progression from one tree to the next, this year they are having a orgy and so are the bees. Each tree is humming.

My sister gave me this crab apple years ago from her garden

A profusion of blossoms

My favourite narcissus, with the most divine smell


  1. Gorgeous - I can smell them from here!

  2. And I can smell them also - lovely!
    Spring has sprung with an extraordinary suddenness here in the UK too with a profusion of blossom everywhere you look. I adore the acid spring greens in grass and newly furled leaves. It is so fleeting but the leaves have a wonderful fragility about them.

    1. It's such a great time, and like you we have been unseasonably warm so things are happening in a whirl, but there is snow in the forecast today!


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