Monday, May 13, 2013


While the garden is in full apple blossom mode I want to plant even more apple trees, but I know I'm fickle and when the lilacs are out I want more lilacs. And when the peonies bloom the same thing happens. Such is the nature of my garden greed. The job list is growing, my body is tired, it's way cooler [hallelujah], and there is a chance of snow. Hmmm, I may get a few days off. I forget that gardening is an extreme sport!

Apple tree that my Mum gave me

Part of the new extension to the studio garden


  1. If that is the view from your studio, I envy you. It's beautiful.... and yes, gardening is an extreme sport, and seems to get more extreme as I get older!

    1. Thanks Charlton, these shots were taken from the top of the studio garden which is on a hill, the studio doors and windows open on the bottom of the hill...if that makes sense! We dug into the earth, creating a berm for the studios, which gave me the hill for a garden! So last year i decided I should extend them to the top of the hill to make it safer to mow the grass. This was after I promised that I would cut back on the gardens! Certainly feeling my age this spring!


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