Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Big Bang

Sitting around having a beer last night when we heard an almighty crash from the house. J's newest painting that we had hung a few hours earlier had fallen off the wall. Now we have been using a system of hooks that fit into the D rings in the frames and all had been well for years. I guess metal fatigue had set in and the part of the system that hooks onto the wall board separated.  The frame, walls and floor got a bit bashed but the painting was fine, guess that's way we frame. Anyways if you are using a system like this you might want to check the hangers for metal fatigue. Needless to say we are back to nails in the walls. If any one has a way of hanging heavy works I would love to hear about it.
the broken hanger

the good hook

Late Sunday Morning, John Ballantyne, acrylic on panel

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  1. Thanks for your suggestions....found out about monkey hooks, which I am now the proud owner of, and also about gravity bars, which I had totally forgotten about. Thanks everyone.


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