Thursday, May 26, 2016

Small Joys

While the lilacs and peonies, rhodos and azaleas are gearing up for their moment of glory, it's the small treasures that are having their time. From a package of seeds, many years ago, the for-get-me-nots have spread them selves about generously, glowing that almost eerie blue at dusk.

For-get-me-nots, such pleasure from a pack of seeds, 2016

Wandering around in the early part of the day, making my mental list of what needs to be done, I come across the bleeding heart my mother gave me years ago, that I always suspected she dug out of the woods; tiny, with delicate foliage.

Bleeding Heart, violet leaves in background, 2016

The dandelions and cowslip make the biggest splash, dotting the lawn with their exuberant joy. I laugh as J. cuts the lawn and 10 minutes later the dandelion are standing up tall and proud;you can almost hear them laughing "Ha, ha, didn't get me" And their puff balls are a marvel of engineering and seed dispersal as they helicopter about the air.

The marvel of a dandelion seed head, 2016

successful seed dispersal, cowslip, 2016


  1. Amazing. Thank you for showing us these wonderful compositions.

  2. so beautiful Liz, capturing the beauty of the quotidian that most of us don't even notice.. thank you for reminding us that we are surrounded by art (life?) if we would only stop and look...

    1. Thanks Barbara, the garden is a wonderful teacher, if I don't pay attention the wicked weed [gout weed / Bishop's weed] takes over.

  3. you take such beautiful photographs!


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