Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Need To Make Marks

Call it what you will;, line, marks, scribble, drawing, we love to make them. Always have and always will. Yesterday John and I saw a wonderful movie "Caves of Forgotten Dreams" about the 32,000 year old drawings in the Chauvet cave in France. The sublime simplicity of these drawing is breathtaking and incredibly moving. I really urge you to see it and found a link on YouTube for the trailer [link here]. As we walked Zoe last night, we were still talking about the movie [always a good sign] and realized this was our lineage.


  1. Thanks for posting this "heads up" I watched the trailer ... and now I have to see the movie.

    It always begins with a mark, doesn't it. Sometimes it's hard to make the first mark I find.

  2. I remember the first time I saw those cave paintings in the Chauvet caves in France. It was probably in the late 80s or early 90s in a National Geographic article. And of course I got all excited then, and did again when I saw the trailer to the movie. This is a lovely repost that is sure to leave its own mark!

  3. Hi Matt, yes, yes, yes, go see the movie, don't think it's out on DVD yet. The soundtrack is a bit much but being deaf has its uses. Towards the end there is a great story about making mark, where a man is asked how he could possibly do that, and he replies that it wasn't him, his hand knew.

    Hi Bluebeard and Elizabeth, [great name] we gave up our subscription to national geographic so will now start scouring garage sales for that issue. Thanks for the tip off.

  4. WONDERFUL post! We don't watch TV nor attend many movies. I hope this film comes out on DVD. I would buy it in a heart beat. Many of the animals - existed on the European continent? I think not. How did these people know what a Rhino looks like? A lion? Absolutely stunning. You made your mark.

  5. Hi MrCachet, Welcome and thanks for your lovely comment. Apparently, according to scientists, parts of France were tropical, while other parts of France were under deep glaciers, they think the oceans were much shallower then which allowed the movement of humans and animals. I too want to get a copy when it comes out on's the 1st movie we have seen this living.


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